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Mourinho vs Jones - Football vs Rugby

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The result of a certain type of management style is always a difficult thing to quantify. After all, which is best? The rant and cuddle or the cool, calm and collected? Let's take Jose Mourinho.

Last season he was the best Manager in the Premier League if not the world. Three months in to the 2015/16 season he gets sacked. When things were going well he had loyalty, trust, respect and motivation. He seemingly lost all of these overnight, or at least over summer. But what of his management style? Arrogant, potentially aggressive or at least abrasive? Take the Eva Carneiro incident. But on the flip side he was often seen putting his arm around players whether commiserating or celebrating. It seems clear in the good times he is well liked. Or at least he was. There have been many explanations of Chelsea's downfall this season however there can really be only one. Jose lost the dressing room. He lost the loyalty, trust and respect of the team and therefore, also lost the motivation. He created an 'us vs them' culture which seemed to become 'him vs players'. Maybe there were just too many 'hairdryer' moments in the changing rooms? Someone said, "If you keep on shooting the deserters, you're eventually just left with dead people". So, what of the new England Rugby Head Coach, Eddie Jones?

As a bit of background, having played as hooker he went on to coach through the Australian leagues . He then led Australia to the World Cup Final where they lost to England in a last gasp drop goal by Jonny Wilkinson. After Australia he led the underdogs, Japan, to a shock win vs South Africa in the World Cup 2015. He comes across as an affable, generally happy chap. He is obviously of steely determination however - as you would need to be heading up the England coaching regime. So, was there a 'hairdryer' speech during the half time Italy vs England 6 Nations. 11-9 to England - a score that wasn't exactly what we were expecting! A few commentators were predicting Eddie giving the England players a roasting however I personally don't think he did. I'm not sure that's his style. His style was more likely to refocus the players on the task in hand. Re-explain what he was looking for in this new style of play - of which all the players are capable of delivering. And guess what. Just as the Italians looked like they were coming back in to it, England scored 3 tries and stretched to a 40 points to 9 final score. Italy did not score in the 2nd half. Granted these two scenarios have marked differences. Mourinho at the end of his time at Chelsea, Jones at the beginning of his role at the RFU. One is football and one is rugby. However, whatever their styles, we're pretty sure there has to be a mix of styles in management to get the best from your team. One size doesn't fit all. And, despite what we've said about Eddie Jones, he may be all smiles in the press conferences (a welcome change from Stuart Lancaster)... ..but don't ever forget he was once a hooker.


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