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Mouth vs Life - Listerine goes interactive

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It seems to have been a bad couple of weeks at the Network Marketing offices for dental health, with root canals, fillings, and toothache a plenty! The countless deliveries of Krispy Kreme donuts and Millies Cookies probably don’t help, or we just need some well overdue education on oral health. And what better way than this fantastic new campaign by Johnson & Johnson for their Listerine brand. They have launched what they claim to be the first YouTube brand videos which allow users to interact with the content and I am personally addicted! The ‘Mouth vs Life’ videos sees actors dressed as teeth and gums and viewers can throw items of choice at the characters to demonstrate the range of food and drink that can enter the mouth and affect oral health. The clips even demonstrate ‘Things You Bite’ and ‘Things You Lick’ which include hilarious clips of sellotape, pencils, and more bizarrely keys (do people really chew keys??) entering the mouth and annoying the ‘teeth’ and ‘gums’.This campaign demonstrates fantastically the use of new social media platforms to attract new markets and how interactive media can add a new dimension to any product. Overall a fantastic piece of promotion to add some well needed humour to a subject most people don’t like to address…!

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