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Movember - the Return of the Moustache

Categories: Charity

Movember! The return of the Moustache.(or should we call it Docember...) You may have noticed during the month of November that gentleman folk were sporting more facial hair, particularly along the top lip. Now I'm sure most people will be aware of the reasoning for this. The moustache had made a return during the month of November in aid of a great cause, to raise money to help in the fight against Prostate cancer. The idea of Movember originated in Australia, back in 2003. The idea has spread around the world on an increasing level, going from raising AUS$55,000 in 2004, to £26 million in 2009. All the money raised through Movember’s UK campaign benefit the The Prostate Cancer Charity (TPCC), the UK’s leading prostate cancer charity. I had many friends participating in this worth while cause and this inspired me to partake. How hard was it for me just to not shave my top lip for 30 days? I came into this challenge thinking it would be easy. I soon realised that there are some people that suit a moustache, and most that dont. Unfortunately for myself, I was the latter. I described myself as a very dodgy looking foreign adult film star. I will definitely be entering my top lip into this event next year and I hope to raise more money for this worthwhile cause. Hopefully the picture included wont cause too many nightmares. The moustache has now gone for another year, but the charity are still accepting donations. Hopefully my picture will inspire some more donations.


 Dale Taylor sporting his Movember Moustache



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