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My journey so far... two months done

It’s been just over two months...and I have learnt more than I could ever have anticipated.

What’s new?

I regularly keep a diary of everything I’m learning, and challenge myself to add something new every day. One of the most memorable moments of this time was definitely the recent training course. At Network Marketing, as we are part of the Pertemps Group, everyone gets the opportunity to attend training courses down in in sunny Meriden, where our head office is.

The course takes place over two days, where we train and work with consultants across various companies – from medical to aviation recruitment. I learnt a huge amount, from the history of the company to how to use LinkedIn most effectively; all translated to action points to take to my work desk. One highlight (of course…) was winning the champagne prize after taking part in a group presentation about why graduates should come to work for our company.

Another significant moment of my journey so far was my recruitment hat trick; I was delighted to find out that my hard work had paid off, with three placement offers in one day! I couldn’t have done this without the help of my dream team though. The fact that I work on various roles including in-house and agency has really widened my market knowledge and will definitely help me in my final year at uni.

How are you adjusting from office life to student life?

Rather well…I think! It’s a hard transition going from student life to work life – but I think I’m getting to grips with it. Wild nights out have been replaced with nights in, complete with the tele and a takeaway; crazy - I know! I think placements are so important for giving students a glimpse of working life, I definitely feel more motivated. And I have definitely developed a taste for prosecco since I’ve started....

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Betty is with us at Network Marketing for a one year work placement as part of her degree. She works across the business and has very much taken the bull by the horns - learning the recruitment ropes in record time. Loves include prosecco, friends & family, club nights, clubbing as a whole in fact, make-up and acting like a granny during the working week!