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My Network Marketing Story – James Pickering

James Pickering – Recently Promoted Senior Consultant, Leeds

Back tracking to July 2016, I joined Network Marketing… likely to be my last shot at recruitment. With just over two years of recruitment experience under my belt, I was completely unsure whether this whole recruitment thing was for me. Two years and 3 promotions later things look rather different. This is a very brief overview of my time here at Network Marketing, and why I now genuinely enjoy recruitment!

Once I graduated, I’d never really considered recruitment until finding myself at an interview for one of the more corporate recruitment brands. Let’s just say this interview nearly put me off recruitment for life, the consultant comparing the office close to a zoo… egotistical males, fights for limelight, backstabbing, all night partying (which I’m not adverse to) and many more. I left with the “it’s not for me” view.

Years later a good friend of mine working for a small independent marketing recruiter, suggested I join them and learn from the bottom up. 16 months later, I found myself coasting in a role that was not pushing any sort of limits nor letting me achieve the earning potential of recruitment. This independent agency had an internal re-shuffle and I found myself redundant. The doubt re-appeared “Is recruitment for me?”

With the desperate need for a job, I had no choice but to re-enter the recruitment world, with me taking a role within a newly set up high street brand. Cold desk, but new start… new market to work in, all seemed rather exciting. After a handful of months, this agency were really struggling to break into an over saturated market, and I found myself redundant once again. Now I really felt done with recruitment, let’s do something new.

Whilst searching for a new role, I received a message from one of the managing consultants at Network Marketing. I’d heard good things of these guys, so I thought why not? Let’s set up a meeting. Three interviews later, I was excited and for the first time in my career, I wanted a job in recruitment.

So what is about Network Marketing that made recruitment for me?

With Network Marketing, you get what it says on the tin… Yeah, we have KPI’s but that keeps us focused. There’s no hidden charges, no micro management, nothing cloak and daggers… everything is outlined fairly.

Culturally, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. Everyone genuinely works as a team, with office targets being just as important as personal. Rewards include commission (obviously), team nights out, constant treats in the office (the NM stone is the first promotion you gain!), company holiday conference, and many more.

The Brand? Network Marketing have a great reputation within the industry, which makes business development much easier. The brand has been going strong for over 20 years, with us having supplied thousands of marketing professionals for the industry’s top businesses!

Recruitment is renowned for being a ‘cut throat’ business, but the guys at NM certainly know how to break that mould. There is always bags of support and knowledge on offer from the Senior management, creating a purely positive environment!

It’s been an amazing two years at Network Marketing, lots of lessons, fun, and development… recruitment is half the consultant and half the environment, I’m grateful that NM have provided the setting, now it’s my intention to smash it out the park and be the best I can be! 2 years in… here’s to many more!


Molly joined Network Marketing’s Leeds office on a years placement as part of her university degree in Marketing Management. Her love of social media will mean you'll regularly find her updating our Twitter page or posting on our Instagram story! When she’s not working you will find her spending too much money on makeup and having a good BBQ- pass the Pimms!