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My Network Marketing Story - Nadia Hemmings

Nadia Hemmings – Senior Consultant, Leeds

My personal journey with Network Marketing is different to most. Back in 2002 when I was still fairly fresh out of university I embarked on stage one of my career with the company. I joined as a trainee consultant and I quickly found my feet, moving up the ladder quickly, getting to senior consultant faster than any of my predecessors. I loved my job and it was with real sadness that I left just after three years because of relocation and to fulfil my ambition of being a marketeer myself.

Fast forward 13 years and I’m back where I started, only much older, wiser and with a wealth of experience under my belt. I’ve been back just over a year and I couldn’t be happier and I can hand on heart say that I wouldn’t work in recruitment for anyone else. Why? It’s simple – because the company cares about me and I’ve been made to feel that way at every stage I’ve been with them. When things have been hard they’ve supported me, plus they’ve challenged me to be my best and continue to do so. They treat me like a valued member of the team and don’t just look at my stats and targets. Oh and I forgot to say, they’re a really nice bunch and I enjoy spending time with them each day.  It also helps that we like to have fun and all enjoy a drink and a laugh!

Culture and career opportunity normally feature highly on people’s wish-lists and Network Marketing has got them down to a tee! I’ve personally gone from trainee right through the ranks and have seen many others do the same. The company listens to you too. In fact that open, sharing culture makes us feel more like a family than a business.

How many others can say that about where they work? Few that I know of. That’s why I’m delighted that I decided to come back and having worked for a few other great businesses, I recognise that it just doesn’t get better than this. I’m home and it feels great!


Molly joined Network Marketing’s Leeds office on a years placement as part of her university degree in Marketing Management. Her love of social media will mean you'll regularly find her updating our Twitter page or posting on our Instagram story! When she’s not working you will find her spending too much money on makeup and having a good BBQ- pass the Pimms!