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Network Marketing’s Favourite Christmas Ads 2014

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John Lewis First up, John Lewis are back with another emotional rollercoaster, this time with Monty, the beloved Penguin and now internet sensation who just wants to be loved for Christmas, we assume you've seen this one but if not- have the tissues at hand!


Coca Cola

'It’s so important, to make a catchy advert…’ Yep Coca Cola are back with the huge red box covered in fairy lights and brand identity, that is their famous Christmas wagon. This year it’s accompanied by a story of good will and the theme ‘make someone happy’.  It includes laughs with friends, time with family, giving to those less fortunate and some father-daughter quality time as we watch the truck cruise through the snow. This ticks all the boxes for a successful Christmas ad, was there ever any doubt? (Keep your eyes peeled because the coca cola Christmas truck is coming to Manchester, Leeds and London!)


Aldi Supermarket  underdogs  Aldi have gone with an 'Everyone’s coming to us this Christmas' message in their latest festive feature- another simple yet memorable advert, proving again how they can cater to everyone, safe to say they’ll be putting even more pressure on the big boys this season.


Tesco It has been a tough year for Tesco so a bumper Christmas is much needed? We don’t know if this will help but what we do know the good will, decorations and festive tunes should get you in the festive spirit.


Aldi Australia Making the list for the second time, Aldi Australia has introduced a 2 minute feature to the world of Christmas advertising. A short story of Johan, a resident of fictional village ‘Julbecker’ returning from Australia and bringing with him tales and tradition of an ‘Aussie Christmas’ a great bit of comedy and creativity rolled into a short story from the down under branch of the retailer.


Sainsbury’s Sainsbury’s have teamed up with the Royal British legion to re-create a classic war tale and one of the best Christmas ads we’ve ever seen in an aim to celebrate the festive season and commemorate the lives of those lost in the war in one ad brings us a story of friendship and sharing under difficult circumstances, we think this is what Christmas is all about..




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