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Network Marketing's Evening at the CIPR Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Awards

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Thursday 27th November 2014 marked a great night for Network Marketing as we had the honour of sponsoring and presenting awards at the CIPR Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Awards event. An evening filled with great people, companies, food... (And wine!)- we are sure everyone involved had as good a time as we did. We would like to specifically thank Liz Dimitrijevic of Brass Agency, Mike Robinson of Turn Key and Paula Toole of Brand8 PR for joining us for the evening.


Network Marketing consultants Laura Mallinson, Becki Burton and David Walsh, all specialists with a wealth of knowledge in the PR and Integrated Agency market, were among the presenters of the night, with Laura presenting the much sought after award for best Integrated Campaign, which was awarded to John Palmer and the Women of Steel Appeal Campaign. Becki presented the award for Outstanding Freelance Practitioner, which was snatched up by Matthew Ridsdale of Cannon PR and finally David, who presented the Regional Campaign of the Year award which was taken back to the office by Approach PR for their work on the effective 'Ilkley Carnival takes on the Yorkshire tour' campaign.


As always a fantastic evening put on by CIPR, our table thoroughly enjoyed the night and we are sure everyone else involved did too. We witnessed some great companies shortlisted for some great work they have done, and you're all winners in Network Marketing's eyes! A final congratulations to everyone involved- good work and well done!


Keeping our brand in the hearts and minds of our clients and candidates is Kaylan's responsibility here at Network Marketing. Having joined as an apprentice in 2014 we're incredibly proud of the progress he's made. You'll find him most days with his head down doing research, creating content and sourcing great visuals but get him on the subject of Manchester United and you won't shut him up. He keeps our Manchester team young!