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New Years job search – be your best

Whilst it could be a bit of a cliché that looking for a new job is one of the UK’s favourite New Years resolutions, there is statistical proof that we attract more candidates in January every year and clients approach us with more career opportunities than in any other month.

So, set yourself up for a win in this competitive job seekers market with some invaluable advice from Debbie Palmer, Director at Confidence Culture. We’ve worked with Debbie for years during her marketing career but more recently she’s been working with executives to identify focus, intent, understanding and beliefs so that your next role is not just a job but a serious, long term career opportunity.

1 Focus your energy on what you want (not what you don’t)

You clearly want to leave your current role for good reason, but is it because you’re moving towards something new, or away from what you have? I still remember my first boss telling me you should always look for your next role when you’re happy in your current one. But how many of us actually do that?! The problem is, everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. So make sure your energy at interview is about the positive situation you want, not the potentially negative one you are leaving.

2 Hand in your virtual notice

This one’s a favourite with my clients. In order to release any negativity associated with your current role, you need to stop resisting the situation and accept it for what it is. If you can’t change things and you’re not willing to leave without another job, then – until you find that next opportunity - it really is your only option. Negative feelings such as frustration, anger or overwhelm are caused by your resistance to ‘what is.’ It saps your energy and keeps you in a negative loop. By accepting it, you place yourself in a much better position to move on. So shift your mindset to the fact that you’re actually already working your notice and see what changes.

3 Understand who you are

So, you understand the role you want and you’re going for it with a renewed positive energy. But do you know enough about yourself to know if it’s the right role for you? Securing a job in marketing is often about getting a foot in the door. People get swept along by external circumstances and find themselves years down the line, wondering how they got to where they are and whether it’s where they want to be? Take the time to think about your values, preferences and strengths. That way you’ll understand the types of roles & organsations that will allow you to be the very best version of you (and those that won’t!). Discover that flow and it won’t actually feel like work anyway.

4 Align your beliefs

Finally, do you ever find yourself taking two steps forward and one step back? Moving ahead full of confidence one minute, only to doubt your capability, decisions or direction the next? Chances are you hold some negative beliefs at the subconscious level and those automatic programs kick in and sabotage you just when you thought you were in a good place. Start to become more aware of your negative thoughts and feelings. Tap into your intuition. Use the Christmas break to take some time to get a handle on how you’re feeling and what you need to believe to make things happen in 2017. After all – whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t – you’re absolutely right.

So, get yourself set up right before starting your job search – a call to Debbie may not go amiss!

Debbie Palmer is a former clientside marketer and agency director turned executive coach. After coaching within organisations for the past 7 years, Debbie launches her new personal coaching offer in January - with 50% off all sessions and packages at her new coaching rooms near Huddersfield. Contact her at for more details.


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