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Nike Does It Again for Euro 2016

With multi million pound budgets at the ready all of the big sports brands are trying to out do each other in the run up and during the 2016 UEFA European Football Championships. Having done our extensive research whilst watching Skysports we think Nike have pretty much nailed it yet again. But their current ad got us thinking about the great ones they have put together over the years.

I guess it all started really in 2002 with The Cage featuring none other than Eric Cantona - loved by our Leeds and Manchester offices equally. If you've forgotten how good this was then take a look below.

Fast forward to the World Cup in 2010 and (despite Franks goal being disallowed) Nike was encouraging us to "Write the Future". This production was a massive hit with over 5 million views on youtube.

The Euros in 2012 brought us "My Time is Now". Sadly it wasn't England's time after getting knocked out on penalties by Italy.

The Worlds in 2014 saw Nike produce "The Winner Stays". Needless to say England didn't stay long having been kicked out at group stages.

Which brings us right up to date. With all the optimism we can muster we're hoping that England make a good show of the next 4 weeks and realise their potential.



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