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Practice makes perfect…

Portugal’s victory in Euro 2016 shows the importance and results of practice, practice, practice. They were incredibly well drilled as a result of the intricate training they had undertaken in preparation for, and throughout, the tournament. They also showed themselves to be adaptable when it was needed most – our best player has gone off injured? Oh dear, but we have a backup plan.

While it may not seem like an obvious comparison, this is the sort of application that should be shown in terms of your job hunt.  From the attention to detail required in terms of your CV, cover letter and / or portfolio, to the importance of knowing details as to the company you are interviewing for, not to mention industry trends in terms of your role and the industry in which the business is.

This sounds like a lot of work, especially when it is listed out like that, but it pays off. While some people seem to be naturally able to ‘wing it’ as such, for the majority this is not the case and not doing sufficient homework for a job application or interview is clear.

Our tips? Read up on the company, ensure your CV is correct and relevant; your cover letter sings and is applicable to the role, are crystal clear on what you can bring to the job and why they need you, have insight as to the industry in which you will be operating. Finally, and most importantly, let your personality, and true self, shine.

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Lynne is our marketing manager and has worked in communications for more than 10 years. A proud Dub, (*Dublin, Ireland*), she has lived in the UK for over 6 years with most of this time spent living in sunny Brighton. New to Leeds, she is learning the Yorkshire way, although it is not diluting her accent at all. She talks about all things Network Marketing and The Book Recruitment, a lot, and via many channels!