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Recruitment Past, Present & Future

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We’ve been in recruitment a long, long time. In fact, our business is older than our youngest team member! So we thought it’d be interesting to take a brief look back at recruitment in the 90’s, what it’s like today and then what we predict for the future. Our equivalent of the Christmas Ghost, past, present and future! The Past Believe it or not, there was a time where a couple of clicks didn’t get a CV over to a client in seconds. We’d type, check, print, envelope, stamp and deliver to the post office before 5:30pm to guarantee our precious CV’s would arrive at the client the following morning. And if it was really urgent we might even fax! There was no email, or internet for that matter – well, not one we could access. “It would never take off”, some said…

The Present Social networking has become business networking. Companies are invading your personal social channels to tell you about their product, service or even your next job. LinkedIn arrives and quickly becomes the world’s largest social business network with over 400 million members. There is no-one else like them. Everyone who values their business network is on it. Job boards start to wane as people require a more personalised approach, despite it still being run by computers. The world has changed.

The Future Digital transformation has already affected and improved nearly every industry around the globe and recruitment is no different. Virtual handshakes and virtual interviews are on their way. Digital businesses will assess the emotional state of someone on digital channels and their likely response to your advert. Technology will predict your personality and culture fit with a potential employer – it will all be here – sooner than you think!

We've been early adopters in many areas and believe that those who adapt and embrace new technology will benefit the most. Of course, it's important to remember that digital and new technology is there to make our life easier and this, aligned with good old fashioned hard work, (which is certainly true in recruitment) will lead to a very successful 2016 and beyond! You heard it here first!


David is without doubt the digital and PR guru in Manchester. As a true Mancunian he has a genuine affinity with the northwest market and his previous experience in marketing and publicity means he knows exactly what he's talking about. Having hung up his rugby boots (maybe temporarily) he balances his social endeavors with a tough regime dictated by his personal trainer.