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Recruitment Rewind - The Art of Recruitment

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What are we thinking of, rushing through recruitment processes?

In the whirlwind of modern recruiting where everything must be at the speed of light, have we lost some of the disciplines that made ‘the good old days’ well, exactly that? The industry has morphed drastically in the past 30 years, from researching companies in the Leeds central library to the instantaneous world we navigate today.

Does anyone even use a library any more? Recruiters once played detective in libraries, armed with microfiche readers for company intel. Today, a Google search could write a book on any business. But, does this simplicity now detract from the depth of knowledge we used to collate?

Picture this: writing job ad copy a week in advance, then waiting another week for CVs to slide into your mailbox. Fast forward to now—click, post, apply. Efficient, yes. But did we lose something in the speed race? Hundreds of applications from hopefuls of which over 90% can’t be progressed due to lack of relevant experience? They are disappointed, we end up frustrated!

Printing CVs, crafting personalized letters— a manual symphony. Now, it's all in an email. Swift, but did we trade speed for the human touch?

Faxing CVs was our speed recruiting option (to our younger readers – google it…). The post often took 2 days to arrive. Today, getting your Cv’s over to a client is a click away. Quick, but did urgency overshadow the art of thoughtful decision-making?

So, are we better off now, or did we leave some charm behind in the pursuit of progress? The warp-speed recruitment today has its perks, but did we sacrifice the depth, the personal connections, the art of the hunt?

In our mad dash for efficiency, let's not forget the gems hidden in the "Good Old Days of Recruitment." Maybe, just maybe, the balance lies in a blend of the past and present. After all, finding the right match in recruitment might be about cherishing the old while embracing the new.