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Red Nose Day Rowathon - Man vs Machine 2013

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Who had the mad idea to row 100,000m for Red Nose Day? Ah, that'd be me then... It all sounded so straight forward when I originally suggested it. 10 hours in the day, 10km per hour, easy. Or was it? At this stage we hadn't quite worked out how many km's we could row an hour - some training was needed. The boys were looking good, 4:30 per KM - way ahead of target but the girls weren't so sure. Jeannette was sure she was going to die after 1km and gradually managed to drag down the expectation level of the girls to a point where a 6 minute looked optimistic! Never fear though, the blid optimisim of TeeJay in Leeds and Mark and James from London gave us renewed optimism. So, the big day arrived and Teejay got us started at 7:04am with a swift 5k and supported by me we were well ahead with 10k in 44 minutes.

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Jeannette and Emma hammered out the hard yards (or meters) and kept us ahead of schedule with another 10k and so the day was under way. It was all going well until we chalked up 50k when the machine reset itself and we were back down to 0. Disaster - we had planned to take a photo at 100,000m. Never mind, there was no doubt we were putting in the effort - everyone was coming back to the office 'energised' - read in to that rather pink and out of breath.

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Despite the cold Disaster No. 2 struck soon after - we broke the rowing machine. 61,000 metres and it just couldn't take any more.rainy weather outside noone was cold in our office. Talking of not being able to take any more...even with a gruelling training regime (of 1 week of sushi) Mark found the going tough but seemed to find an interesting recovery position when he fell off the rower...

Red Nose Mark

And so the afternoon went on and the meters flew by.





We were all in good spirits especially with the nutritional support of Mummy Kondras, Dan's Mum who kindly made us red nose cakes and buns for the day. The finish line was in sight and Dan took up the honour of taking us over it. Inevitably an easy task for such a natural athlete. All in all it was a great day for the team with everyone putting in a shift. In our red nose t-shirts we all looked tha part and raised some decent money for Red Nose Day. httpv:// So, how will we top that in 2014 - the London office suggested a pub crawl....hmmm.

Red Nose Ang and Becki 


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