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Shift the Paradigm when Recruiting New Marketing Staff

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Professional Services Recruiting

The PM Forum is the world’s largest and fastest growing community for Professional Services Marketers with over 4,500 members in accounting, law, property, financial services, management consulting, architecture, design, engineering and other types of professional firms. As a committee member for the North West region my remit is to promote the PM Forum to both Professional Services Clients and Candidates whilst supporting the committee team in organising educational and networking events. In my latest article published in the PM Forum magazine I talk about the possibility of professional services firms recruiting candidates from outside of their specific vertical market. We felt this could resonate across a range of our client sectors so thought we'd share it. We hope you enjoy the read. Shift The Paradigm When Recruiting New Marketing Staff  


Dan started his career in marketing and then moved in to recruitment in Leeds before taking the big step south to conquer the London market. After spending his youth on the rough streets of the North you're now more likely to find him in the City in meetings with the worlds leading legal and accountancy firms. Never forgetting his roots, he checks up on the Leeds United results every week and will be ensuring his young son grows up to support the Mighty Whites regardless of where they live!