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Shopping From Mobile More Popular Than PC - Really??

We're not getting this headline at Network Marketing Towers.  Inmobi is suggesting that shopping via mobile is more popular than shopping via a PC.  Take a look at the attached article. In a scientific survey of 16 members of Network Marketing and The Book staff we found that 6.25% had used their mobile to shop online whereas a whopping 93.75 (see what we did there with the stats...) had not .  And we consider ourselves to be a pretty tech savvy bunch! There is a certain use of terminology here though that creates the Inmobi stat - "influenced by or purchased".  Yes, we can see that use of our mobiles to look up competitor prices or look at reviews is more than likely however purchasing for many of us (unless on the amazon app) is some way off. We pondered why this would be and still most of us are experiencing too slow browsing speeds on websites and therefore the purchasing process ends up being nothing short of painful.   We'd also be interested to know if this research took in to account the use of ipads or kindles?  Of course we're happy to download another book on to the kindle (which by default I guess is a 'purchase') and the ipad works like a laptop (but much nicer) - so maybe, just maybe, the stats do add up. What do you guys think?  Maybe we should start a poll!      


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