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Should Her Majesty really be on Facebook??

It seems like the social media bug is hitting every company and every person (that can get on to the internet) these days. Long gone are the days when Facebook was just for the younger generation - my mother has 3 accounts due to the fact she keeps forgetting her password and she isn't technically savvy enough to work out how to request a new one (you would need the patience of a saint to talk her through it - believe me). We all know that the Queen has been getting more involved in everything that is digitally social. The Royal Family have had Flickr and Twitter accounts for a while where they share all official photos from the past and present giving official updates on Royal visits and events - a great use of social media. But today the Queen has gone live on Facebook? Really?  I like to think she has done this so she can join in with Leeds Digital Festival which you probably know is happening all this week. But what I would really like to know is that in these times of social media growth, do you feel that this is a good move by the Queen? Is this just a publicity stunt where she is just trying to be, dare I say it 'Down with the Kids'? I can see the point of having Flickr and Twitter accounts but I'm just not sure what what she will get out of Facebook. Am I wrong in my opinion? Can the social media gurus out there see the benefits, and if so, what are they? Dale Taylor


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