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Simon On The Streets - A Very Special (Ruck) Sack From Santa

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Here at Network Marketing we love the work that Simon on the Streets does for the homeless and rootless in and around Yorkshire. They support some of the most vulnerable people in the area by helping them to do things that we all take for granted. Like engaging with social services, helping with finances, providing access to housing services and many other things. It's a tough job as often the people they work with are reluctant to open up to people they don't know. It's a long, painstaking process, the sort of process that doesn't sit well with beaurocrats at Westminster or at leeds city Council - but someone has to do it. So, we were delighted to see this idea from our friends at First 10 Digital in Leeds who have come up with a great idea to get the sort of help directly to these people at exactly the time they need it. The principle is simple. Find a rucksack - fill it with stuff you think a homeless person would like - and bring it along to the Adelphi on Thursday 12th December so it can be handed out by Simon on the Streets well before Christmas. Follow the link here for more details. So - if you can help then make sure you get your rucksack packed well in advance of the 12th and we'll see you there for a cheeky beer. Well done First 10!


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