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Stuck in a rut? Career guidance from the experts.

If you’re dragging yourself into work every morning and then clock watching all day, something isn’t right. Feeling stuck in a job can really impact your life, and also affect the work that you’re delivering; nobody wins if you’re not happy in your role.

But what’s the answer? Well, that depends on exactly why it is that you’re feeling stuck - what’s the problem here?

You need more of a challenge

It can feel a bit like Groundhog Day when you’ve been in the same role for a while and nothing has changed. Many of us want to be pushed more, and to learn more - to feel like we’re still developing and that we haven’t hit the ceiling of our abilities or the limit of the role. If this is how you are feeling, take matters in to your own hands. Talk to your Manager. There may be a new project coming up that has the potential to push you or there may be another person who needs extra support etc. You don’t know if you don’t ask.

You’re feeling undervalued

You’re giving your all and achieving great things but it goes completely un-noticed and unrewarded. This is one of the worst feelings to have when at work and it makes it very hard to keep putting in the effort. But first ask yourself if this really is the case. There are very few companies that don’t recognise your hard work and success.

If you’re convinced “it’s them not you” then keep detailed notes about your achievements and ask for a one to one with your line manager. Make your case and fight to be noticed. If this doesn’t help, look around at other companies that invest in their staff and who recognise achievement.

You need a career change

This is your life – your career. Be open and honest about want you want, especially with yourself. It’s ok to want a change. If you’re considering a different type of job, or a different field entirely, then spend some time with people who are doing that type of work. Learn more, and find out what the job you’re interested in would really be like. It’s not often easy to make wholesale career changes so be prepared to compromise or take smaller steps to get to where you want to be.

You don’t want to risk what you have

Any change is scary. Even when you’re absolutely sure that you want something new, making it happen is taking a leap of faith, because nothing is certain. However, what is certain is that if you’re truly unhappy in your role, or at your current company, this isn’t going to change without something else changing first. You need to take action, whether that be challenging your manager, or looking elsewhere.

If any of this is ringing true, then it’s worth taking the time to sit down and talk to someone about your career. Give yourself space to consider what it is you want out of your job, and which job would make you happy. Only then can you start to work towards it. We’re always here to advise you about potential marketing roles – give us a call for a chat about your options.


Richard is the CEO of The Marketing Optimist a specialist marketing consultancy based in Yorkshire. He specialises in helping businesses apply agile marketing strategies to deliver ROI.