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Super Bowl 2011 Greatest Adverts Ever

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There's something great about the Superbowl.  I'm not in to 'baseball' or the Pittsburg Steelers, but the adverts they run during the frequent advertising breaks are just the best.  It's like the companies are all trying to out-do each other in the 'ridiculous' stakes. We particularly loved the EDS advert.  I'm not even sure what they do but they certainly attracted the attention and might even encourage a few people to take a look at their website.  Take a look for yourself: [youtube=] Who wouldn't want the job of Creative Director or Marketing Director here? Imaging the brief... "So, the Super Bowl is coming up and we want an ad. Something that really stands out.  How about some cowboys herding cats?" (says the Marketing Director sarcastically). "Try and link it to our generic strap-line would you?" We think they got the interpretation of that creative brief just right! Which are your favourite advertisements during the Super Bowl. Jonathan Hirst


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