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Supercharging your agency brand at The Hippodrome: #EdgeAgency

On The Edge’s ‘Supercharging your agency brand’ event took place at The Hippodrome Casino in central London, on Thursday 30th June.

The event saw four influential industry speakers present to over 80 top level marketers as to the importance of effectively utilising social media for your own brand, the best ways of presenting and communicating data, undertaking efficient marketing automation, and the ‘how to’ for strategy and innovation through technology.

First up was Tim McLoughlin, former Head of Social Media at Saatchi and Saatchi, who entertainingly highlighted the importance of making time for your own brand marketing and social media activity, offering it the same attention you do for clients. He spoke of the need to ensure that activity ties back to your core tag line. For e.g.* Nike and their Just Do It slogan, which now, as well as embodying a state of mind, is clear within all activity, with no marketing not illustrating those three simple words.

Luis Vareta, Lead Data & Insight Analyst at DigitasLBi, deftly spoke of understanding the true value of data and how to use insight most effectively. As well as a statement of fact, your data can also be used to forecast for future activity and trends relevant to your industry and clients. Luis explained the need to use the right visuals to communicate the data, with no need for complicated graphs and visuals - keep it simple and effective!

Andre Strauss, Head of EMEA at SharpSpring, humorously explained the importance of agencies constantly adapting so that they don’t become irrelevant in the ever-changing business landscape. While it may sound obvious, the need to tailor your approach to meet different client or business needs is key, a need not everyone adheres to. A key outtake was that effective marketing automation will result in better and more optimised conversion.

Finally, Michael Olaye, Chief Technology Officer at Oliver Group & of Dare, had the crowd enthralled as he introduced the concept of middleware and how it can be the enabler to establish a seamless connected digital experience for users / customers. Creating connected experiences is key, and the future!

The event took place in a round table format, with delegates moving table for each talk, ensuring that every attendee was involved in discussion, and networking with a wide range of peers.

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*This is our example, not the example used by Tim on the day


Lynne is our marketing manager and has worked in communications for more than 10 years. A proud Dub, (*Dublin, Ireland*), she has lived in the UK for over 6 years with most of this time spent living in sunny Brighton. New to Leeds, she is learning the Yorkshire way, although it is not diluting her accent at all. She talks about all things Network Marketing and The Book Recruitment, a lot, and via many channels!