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The 5 Secrets of a productive day training for a triathlon or for a great day in recruitment!

I’ve been training pretty hard recently for a Triathlon this summer. There have been moments where I’ve felt completely in the zone and others where it’s been tough to find the motivation to get on the bike or head down to the pool!! I had a week off and spent some quality time with the kids but when I came back, I felt like I’d completely fallen out of all the good habits I’d formed.

It got me thinking about my day-to-day job in recruitment, success hinges on our ability to form and maintain good habits. These seemingly small actions and routines can have a huge impact on our productivity and efficiency.

First and foremost, consistency is the cornerstone of forming good habits. Whether it's arriving at the office early, dedicating time for planning and reflection, or practicing active listening during meetings, regularity transforms these actions into second nature.

Setting clear goals is another vital aspect of establishing good workplace habits. By defining specific objectives, we gain focus and direction, allowing us to channel our energy towards meaningful work. When setting goals, it is important to make them realistic, measurable, and time bound. This ensures that we have tangible milestones to track our progress and celebrate our achievements. This is particularly important for me during core training weeks and my rewards are usually food related. You can’t beat a pizza after a long bike ride.

In addition to consistency and goal-setting, self-awareness plays a crucial role in the formation of good habits. It is important to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and consciously work towards developing new skills or refining existing ones. This self-awareness also extends to seeking feedback from colleagues, mentors, or supervisors, as their insights can provide valuable perspectives and help us grow in ways we might not have considered. I’m genuinely still learning every day after more than 20 years in Recruitment.

Creating an environment conducive to habit formation is equally important. A well-organized workspace, free from distractions, fosters focus and concentration. Removing clutter and creating systems for efficient task management can streamline workflows and alleviate stress. Additionally, incorporating regular breaks, physical exercise, and moments of relaxation throughout the workday can enhance overall well-being and prevent burnout. Taking care of our physical and mental health allows us to be at our best, fostering the development of good habits that lead to sustained productivity. This is probably the most important one for me!

Lastly, it is essential to approach the formation of good habits with patience and kindness towards ourselves. Habits take time to solidify, and setbacks are inevitable. I tend to beat myself up if I have a bad training session or an unproductive afternoon in the office, it is crucial to view each misstep as an opportunity for growth and learning.


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