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The Annual Countdown To A John Lewis Blockbuster

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Every year, we tend to try and do something around our favourite Christmas ads (we know its still November) and despite how much we try and level it out it John Lewis are always first on the list. Remember last year when Monty The Penguin spent a solid 2 minutes tugging on the heart strings?

Every year the build up to the retailer’s festive ad makes it feel like the run up to a blockbuster movie. Much like a movie, John Lewis has revealed this year’s ad will be released at 8am on 6th November. Look out for the hashtag #OnTheMoon and the @TheMoon2015 twitter page. We’re guessing that this year’s social media campaign will create as much interest as the advert itself.

One of the keys to a successful ad campaign is the choice of music and John Lewis has nailed this in recent years. The likes of Ellie Goulding, Lilly Allen and The Beatles have created the perfect backdrop to captivating campaigns. ‘Rumour has it’ (no pun intended) that the vocals behind this year’s ad will be that of multiple Academy and Grammy award winner and James Bond soundtrack singer Adele. Look out for a major X-Factor slot on Saturday night! Look out for the first release at 8am tomorrow morning.

We can't wait to see it! 


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