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The Best Christmas Toys Ever

 Super Mario

All these Christmas adverts started us talking about toys and how exciting it was writing your Christmas list. This lead to a very enjoyable hour at Network Marketing Towers reminiscing about our best ever toys and games. We are a range of ages so the toys varied and some of our younger team members needed educating about the joys of Grifter bikes! Some of the toys are classics and are still available today (I’ve just spent a fortune on Lego and Sylvanian families), others have disappeared either replaced by other brands like Sindy had been with Barbie or just outpaced with technology like Super Mario Brothers and the tape in Teddy Ruxpin. This blog probably should make some meaningful comment about toys and consumerism but actually we just wanted to share the memories. Whilst, not wanting to commit to our actual ages we've given you a clue so you can see what our 'eras' are. Kate (age range 25-30) Teddy Ruxpin, he was a cuddly toy who told you a story (once you’d put the tape in his back). Here he is in action! Also, who remembers tapes? She also picked one of everyone’s favourites, the Etch a Sketch. We all admitted that we’d happily still have one of those.

Teddy Ruxpin

  Angela (age range 35-40) Knight Rider Kitt toy car. Though, I don’t think it came with the actual David Hasselhoff sadly....

Knight Rider kitt toy car

  Jonathan H (age range 40-45) Keeping it simple, Jonthan's favorite was a toy truck. But look how shiny it is!

Toy truck

  Emma (age range 40-45) Before the days of Barbie, we all had Sindys.  Emma's best toys were her Sindy and Sindy house. (Oh how I wished and wished for a Sindy House.)

 Sindy doll

  Julie (age range 40-45) She was very ahead of the times and had Binatone TV console that played 2 games - squash and tennis.  For those of you who weren't even born in the 70's basically you controlled a white block which you could move up and down with a controller (can't call it a remote control because it was attached) to hit the ball.  At the time they thought it was great...until a family friend got an Atari. She also had Raleigh 14 which was the best thing ever until someone else got a Grifter, giving Julie serious bike envy.

Raleigh bikes

Julie did like girly stuff too though and was desperate for a Jennie Doll. I could only find this slightly scary image of Jennie though..

Jennie Doll

Dan (age range 35-40) He liked proper boys toys including a Scalextrix – we are currently lobbying the boss to see if we are allowed one in the office) and Airfix models.


Laura (age range 20-25) Laura is the baby of the team and remembers stuff that is still in the shops today including Sylvanian Family and Belville Lego - though that seems to have been replaced by the similar, and controversial Lego Friends.

Sylvanian Families

Sarah (age range 35-40) She loved Strawberry Shortcake, they were dolls that came in a range of tasty scented versions including Plum Pudding, Lemon Meringue, Cheesecake and Orange Blossom. Keeping the multi-coloured friend theme she also had a soft spot for My Little Pony.

My Little Pony

Jonthan R (age range 35-40)

He liked proper boys' toys, apparently anything by Star Wars was perfect with the Millennium Falcon being his favorite. Also the amazing Big Trax which at at it's time was a very high tech innovative toy, honest!

Millennium Falcon Big Trak

Becki (age range 30-35)

Finally on our list are Becki's picks, Cabbage Patch kids and Super Mario Brothers. Cabbage Patch kids were massive and created one of the first 'must have' Christmas present rushes in the shops.

Cabbage Patch kids

What you you think? Did you have any of these toys? We'd love to hear your comments.


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