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The Day I Took To The Skies

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It was always on my list as one of those things to do before I was 30...and with the big one, been and gone it was now time to take the plunge. Spurred on, in part by a longing desire to fulfil a lifetime dream and more so by a present (booked by my attentive boyfriend), I now had the slot booked for my tandem skydive 8th August 2010. There was no going back, cash had been exchanged, people had been informed - my reputation for being a daredevil was on the line!!

I did of course do the jump and the only words that truly come close to describing the feeling are "utterly exhilarating". I flew through the skies and loved it, the views were absolutely amazing. Any thoughts of "what the hell am I doing" dispersed into "gnarly man..you did it". My advice for any adrenaline junkies out there is.. this is a must.

The jump was organised through "The Black Knights" parachute centre based In Lancashire and more detail can be found online. Oops, and finally a BIG thank you to my instructor Tony Lightfoot who kept me safe (and as work know that's not always is the easiest task :-)

Rajvir Khatra

Rajvir manages part of our agency recruitment focussing on the digital, PR, Design and Market Research sectors.



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