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The Folly of Job Aggregators and Why Google For Jobs Is Great

As a recruitment business owner, you might find it odd that I am praising what many see as the single biggest attack on the recruitment market in recent times. I personally don’t think Google For Jobs will signal the end for recruitment agencies but then again – never bet against Google! I honestly don’t think it’s their intention.


But, let me tell you why I think it could or will be great. At present, job seekers are having a tough time. Put yourselves in their shoes just for one minute. You put your desired job title and location into a google search and invariably Indeed and other job aggregators (Glassdoor being one of the worst!) dominate the listings. In an excited flurry of activity, you click on the most relevant only to find that the job is ‘no longer available’. You then enter their vortex or black hole of searching for jobs, returning loads of relevant results but finding that most are out of date. Frustrating – yup!

Fast forward to Google For Jobs and the results you now see are actually quite useful. They show a limited number of opportunities that are relevant and more importantly live vacancies. They show direct ads and recruiter ads purely dependent on the most relevant search results.

So it seems like a win-win for job seekers and job advertisers alike. Maybe now Indeed and the likes of Glassdoor will stop the volume and focus a bit more on quality!


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