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The Impact of Mobile Marketing in Professional Services Firms - PM Forum

I recently attended the latest event in Manchester where Mike Fieldhouse –Managing Director of Realityhouse agency presented on the ever-changing topic of mobile usage in the UK with a Professional Services slant. We all know that the mobile platform is more and more common now for personal and business use however the following insights make for an interesting read! By the end of 2013 mobile phones will overtake PC’s as the most common Web access device worldwide! I must admit this took me by surprise however the breakdown below certainly adds weight to this. In terms of how we use our phones:

• 64% of us access the internet on our smartphones at least once a day

• 62% of us using mobile for e-mailing

• 56% for social media sites

• 53% for search engines

• 21% on Video sharing sites. In terms of where we use our phones:

• 97% of smartphones are used in the home

• 85% on the go

• 72% at work

• 64% in a store

• 61% in a café/coffee shop

• 61 % on public transport.

Smartphone penetration is definitely on the rise and it appears there has never been a better time to use this platform for accessing websites, searching for services, receiving your e-mails and accessing those social media posts. With this in mind then, should the Professional Services sector start making changes if they haven’t already done so to how their services and communications are accessed? Be prepared to challenge yourself when it comes to Apps though! An interesting bit of research was shared relating to the Professional Services marketplace that the three main reasons that professional firms have an app is: 1. The Managing Partner’s bought an iPad 2. We need to do something on mobile 3. “Because they’ve got one…” Time spent on mobile apps is largely dominated by games and social networking so just because your competitor has one doesn’t mean you’re missing out on a trick. Having a mobile enabled site is significantly more critical! So challenge anyone that pitches the need for you to have an App. What benefit is it going to give the client/consumer? What will make them need it on a regular basis and hence encourage them to keep it on their device? How can you monetise it? Social Media is becoming the age old conundrum for businesses in the professional services arena. Your Professional Services Marketing Manager may be a massive advocate or may take a more sceptical view – both might be right depending on your business. What is clear though is that it’s not a golden egg. Social media has to be worked but, bearing in mind we’ve been discussing the impact of ‘mobile’ on your marketing reach, social is all on mobile… The use of social sites is quite staggering:

• 60% of Twitter users access the service on mobile

• 53% of Face Book users are Mobile Active users!

• 22% of LinkedIn users access the service via mobile …and these figures are only going to grow.

So what does this all mean then for Social Media within the Professional Services sector? Well it is a growing area but as Mike mentioned Firms should really be thinking about the following:

• Why are we doing this?

• What will we gain?

• Who’s going to do it?

  o Fee earners o BD/Marketing

  o The ‘secretary’??

• What are realistic outcomes?

• How do we measure them? So – why don’t you try carrying out this quick ‘mobile’ audit to see how your firm stands?

1. Check mobile visitors – Google Analytics

2. Think about what information a mobile visitor would need

3. Check email templates on mobiles

4. Test your LinkedIn profiles on a mobile

5. Review mobile advertising

6. Think about budgets – where will you get the quickest returns Making these mobile friendly changes can only be a benefit for any Firm wanting to connect to their target audience more readily.

One Final Thought:

• There are 6.8 billion people on the planet

• 4 billion of them use a mobile phone

• Only 3.5 billion of them use a toothbrush!

Thanks for reading Daniel Kondras


Dan started his career in marketing and then moved in to recruitment in Leeds before taking the big step south to conquer the London market. After spending his youth on the rough streets of the North you're now more likely to find him in the City in meetings with the worlds leading legal and accountancy firms. Never forgetting his roots, he checks up on the Leeds United results every week and will be ensuring his young son grows up to support the Mighty Whites regardless of where they live!