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The John Lewis ad has landed

And we love it – LOVE it – group consensus (there are 18 of us in the office today) is that this is the best one yet. Granted this is an office with quite a few animal lovers, but this advert certainly gives the warm and fuzzies, along with a smile on your face!

The ad features a host of computer-generated stars – foxes, a badger, a squirrel and a hedgehog, alongside a real life boxer dog (#BusterTheBoxer) and a family of three.

The computer-generated stars venture out late at night to try out the trampoline set up for the kid as a Christmas present, while Buster watches mournfully through the window – clearly wanting to get involved. We will say no more, take a look for yourself

The ad features a cover of Randy Crawford’s 1980 jazz hit One Day I’ll Fly Away by London electronic group Vaults.

The Wildlife Trust are this year’s charity partners for the campaign, and they will receive a donation from every £15 soft Buster or £12 soft wild animal toy sold in connection with the ad.

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