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The Network Marketing Blog Launches

Categories: General Interest

I've been blogging personally for some time now (it's me jonathanhirst.wordpress.com!) and so thought we should make a logical progression to a company blog. Now I am not going to try and fool you by saying this is going to be the destination for insightful marketing analysis, strategic papers or necessarily anything that preaches how great we are at this sthat ot the other. This blog is going to give you a flavour of who we are, what we do in work and out of work, what we like - marketing or otherwise. We're hoping (at least I am) that it will be interesting, informative and a bit of fun. I may even copy over some of my previous blog posts from my personal site. So - await the exciting posts, look out for the blog design in line with our soon to be launched website and .... enjoy!! Jonathan Hirst, MD of Network Marketing and blogging for fun!



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