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The times, they are a changin’ - companies shaking up graduate interview processes

Top four accountancy firm KPMG has recently completely overhauled how they undertake their graduate recruitment. From three separate assessments taking place over a number of weeks to one day of interviews and testing, they will also now let applicants know whether they have got the job within two working days.

The firm is by no means the only large company to undertake such a drastic change, Goldman Sachs and Deloitte have also done so, with many more expected to follow suit. Having undertaken research with millennials, KPMG realised there was a need to change their process in order to more effectively compete with smaller players, who can often recruit to very quick and flexible timelines.

The research found that one in three millennials are fed up with lengthy recruitment processes, but it also found that the number one bug bear of is not receiving any feedback if they were unsuccessful. This finding cannot be ignored – update candidates as to how they performed, they have taken time and energy to go through the process with you, it is the least you can do in response.

Lengthy interview processes and waiting for feedback are out and singular interviews and quick feedback are in!


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