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The Tour is coming! The Tour is coming!

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We have a couple of self confessed cycling nuts at Network Towers – covered head to toe in form-fitting lycra with bikes worth more than our houses (that’s how you know you’re a proper cyclist!). Our idea of fun is to cycle the 30 or so miles to Holme Moss or Buttertubs pass and then cycle up those beastly climbs, before a quick coffee and cake stop and finding a slightly longer route home! There is just something about cycling that’s good for the soul, as long as there is always coffee and cake en route….This guys says it best, everyone just ‘Get on yer bike…’ We can’t believe we are lucky enough to get our own cycling tour in Yorkshire. It’s attracted some of the very best cyclists in the world for a three day stage race across our stunning county (yes…we are proudly Yorkshire!). The route organisers seem to have gone out of their way to find every hill, mountain, cragg, vale, blind rise and rolling dale in the area to send those pro-cyclists over. Some of that routing is bordering on evil…we love it! We’ll be following the cycling for all three days and testing ourselves up some of the bigger climbs a fair way behind the pro’s obviously.

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Now cycling is not for everyone and if you’re friends with a cyclist, chances are, you’re often confused by things they drop into conversation as cycling definitely has it’s own language. After all, you don’t know if they are a spinner, a Clydesdale, a pusher or a chaser and if you’ve ever been out on your bike with them, you’ve probably been the ‘Fred’, ‘Dorris’, ‘Squirrel’ or ‘Turkey’ of the group. Half of the joy of cycling is being able to talk like a cyclist, so here’s a handy cycling-lingo guide that might help you sound like you know what you’re talking about! IMAGE CREDITS: BT


Without doubt the most lively member of the team, our Zimbabwean superstar has built a hell of a reputation in the manufacturing sector with a raft of clients that come back to her again and again. Her clients tell us that "she's great fun to work with" but we knew that already. What we don't know is quite how she fits everything in to her busy life. She'll have at least one big charity event on at any one time which will involve something ridiculously energetic!