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The Job Interview started on Channel 4 this week, showing real job seekers undertaking interviews with real life employers. The programme highlights the nerves, angst, fears and thought processes for all those involved – most notably including that of the interviewers once the candidates had left the room, which on occasion was more than a little ahem surprising…

First off, we saw people interviewing for a customer service role at the Welsh company Low Cost Vans. Rod and Lorraine were looking for someone with ‘character’ and ‘life’ about them, and it would be fair to say that these candidates most certainly had character! From extreme chattiness to heart tugging back stories, we were introduced to a wide spectrum of personality types, and all of this within just four people. At one point a candidate was asked his age…emmm, not sure that is allowed!

Secondly, we saw Wickham House interviewing for an assistant manager to join the team, assisting with the weddings and events at the luxurious venue. The mother & daughter team, Philipa and Bertie, wanted to find someone who was an ‘all-rounder. Jack of all trades and master of all’ – not asking for much! The interviewees were told to keep answers brief and concise, and actually hurried along if they took too long – an interesting approach.

In the end both of the companies offered more than just the role advertised, offering second people an additional opportunity to work with them – at least it is not just me that is a soft touch.

All in all the show highlighted the very different approaches that interviewers can take, with some wanting to really test potential employees, and others taking a more softly softly approach. The main outtake was PREPARATION, more specifically the fact that so many people didn’t seem to do any. Our advice? Work with a recruitment company, they will do the briefing and ensure candidates are fully prepared ahead of interview for you - easy peasy!

We are already looking forward to next weeks’ installment…