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'Thumb-ones' milking it!

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The Genius people at Wieden + Kennedy London  have created another fantastic  TV advert for Cravendale milk,  with  thumbed cats making their debut! It’s totally original and  gives a humorous and sometimes slightly worrying look at what could happen if cats did have opposable thumbs! Have a watch and let me know if it gets your thumbs up? httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6CcxJQq1x8   As part of this new campaign, Cravendale let you have your say through The Mirror newspaper for you to vote for your favourite feline from the first 8 finalists.  Guido is by far my favourite, but what about Cow, Pirate and Cyclist? Personally I love them shouting "MiiLKK!! MiiiLLLKKK!!!  But i am equally enthralled with their new furry advocates. If only someone had told the agency that designer cats are lactose intolerant... This blog post was contributed by Angela from our sister company The Book - she's a big cat lover so it's no surprise she chose this as one of her favourite adverts!


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