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Tommy Takes On The Lada Challenge

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On the 25th August our very own Tommy Castleman will be taking part in the first ever Lada Rally. Starting in Estonia in a banged up Lada or other similarly old car, he'll embark on an arduous and likely bumpy 4000 km journey through Eastern Europe over 7 days, 570kms per day with 3 other team mates. His destination - Croatia!

Along the way Tommy will experience some significant challenges. He and his team mates have no mechanical engineering training. If the car breaks down they'll just about know how to open the bonnet and then there'll be a lot of scratching heads and beards whilst they work out what to do next. They'll also be taking on some rough terrain, not to mention the 4000 kms!

Once at their destination the cars are donated to crisis spots in Europe and used for medicine runs, hospital visits and ambulances for those in need.

The money raised goes to the Worldwide Tribe - a charity that invests in grass roots projects to help those in need.

We will be posting regular updates on social media and LinkedIn with the hashtag #rallydoneproperly - a play on our own strap line, "Recruitment Done Properly" so be sure to check in and look for Tommy when he’s broken down in Bosnia.

If you feel it’s something you can support, any donation would be greatly appreciated via the Just Giving page - search for Tommy Castelman on Just Giving.


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