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Top 10 Apps for Marketing Directors.

The Stone Age saw cavemen hunt and gather food. In the ice age, animals now extinct walked the continents in a desperate bid for survival. Now, in the digital age… well we’d go to any length to save us a couple of seconds paying at a till, shave five minutes off our daily commute or read our preferred newspaper without touching a single sheet. Being in marketing, the digital age takes its toll here more than anywhere. Taking this into account, we’ve put together our top 10 apps which will make the life of a Marketing Director that little bit more efficient.

10. Flipboard Flipboard, the popular news app from 2012 allows users to create a board filled with their favourite magazines, newspapers and anything print into their smartphone or tablet. Want to catch up on today’s World news with The Telegraph? Check out that new super-ab workout before you head off to the gym? A cheeky flick through Heat and the latest Kim Kardashian gossip; put down the 3 hoards of glossy paper and create your Flipboard!

9. Google Apps You probably already have a Gmail, which is the heart of your Google Account, but Google offers so much more. Google Drive is a great collaborative technology you can implement and use throughout your business to get everyone working together and sharing ideas and documents online.

8. Reuters Focusing on your more corporate directors, Reuters is a news app that focuses more intensely on business, finance, stocks and money.

7. If you have offices across the UK, The Train Line is great for checking times and booking tickets whilst you’re on the move. It’ll definitely keep you on track…

6. Twitter You’d have to be living under a rock to not be familiar with Twitter, another great way to keep up-to-date with instant news and a place to have your say on it.

5. Foursquare Foursquare is fantastic for checking up on what’s nearby. Whether it’s a client lunch or a team outing, you can use Foursquare to locate and read upon different types of amenities near you. Cafe? Restaurant? (Nightclub?) Foursquare has the lot! Its recent collaboration with Uber (also featured on our list) allows you to select where you want to go and order an Uber car through Foursquare! Talk about handy.

4. Uber The Uber craze took huge steps in digitilising transport. The worldwide taxi rank with no taxis gives its users the ability to access and order travel to their location via the mobile app. Very handy!

3. Periscope We really like Periscope here at Network Marketing. This live streaming video-app allows you to live stream video content of your choice whether it’s a snap of a city skyline whilst on your travels or you sharing your thoughts on the latest catchy TV Ad. You can expect to see @NetworkNatter on here very soon.

2. Whatsapp With over 1bn downloads on both App Store and Android we’re guessing you already have Whatsapp. This Instant Messaging app sets itself apart from the rest as it gathers your contacts based on phone numbers stored in your phone. Oh, that really interesting digital marketing manager you met at that event? What was his name? Check your Whatsapp for his picture and chat away!

1. Citymapper This is a must have app for not only marketing directors but for anyone in business who is constantly on the move. Enter where you need to be and Citymapper offers you the quickest route based on your GPS location and traffic at that time. Especially great for anyone in the London area!


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