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Top 10 Interview Tips for Graduates (Part 2)

Categories: Recruitment

In our previous blog we talked about the steps you should take in the build up to your job interview. In this second edition to the 'Top 10 Tips for Graduate Trainee Applicants' we discuss the steps to take during and post interview to assure you set the best impression and follow up the interview in the correct way, as the process is far from over once you leave the interview room! If you didn't see our Part 1- please follow this link for the first 5 of our Top Tips for Graduates. Once you're up to date, please enjoy the final edition below.  


When first meeting your interviewer you will be nervous. Start with a good firm handshake with positive eye contact and a smile.



When preparing, speak to other people who do the job – what do they like, what don’t they like, why do they do it. Use this valuable information when answering questions in the interview.



Create a set of "interview closing" questions and write them down on a pad as a reminder. You will have been speaking for most of the interview so it’s good to hear from the interviewer.



Follow up the interview after a day or so with a call preferably, or email to your interviewer.



Be available. If the employer wants to take you forward to a final stage they will want you to be on the end of the phone or responding to emails very promptly to get it organised. Don’t leave them waiting.


So there it is, our top ten tips for graduates looking to apply for a training programme- ten simple yet effective steps which will help you get your foot in the door.



Kaylan Bland

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