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Top 10 Tips for Graduate Trainee Programme Applicants (Part 1)

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We’ve recently run our Graduate Recruitment Campaign for 2014 and have really enjoyed meeting some massively enthusiastic and bright characters along the way. Of course, we did a lot of filtering to get to that point and our 5 stage process ensured that the ones we actually met face to face (stages three and four) were of the right calibre.

Having been through the process we thought it would be useful to collate our top 10 tips for Graduates applying for Graduate Recruitment Programmes in the UK.


Be proactive, pick up the phone and speak to someone at the company. They may well remember you and if you communicate well, it will leave a positive impression.



Take time on your application. Ensure any application or written communication to the potential employer is thoroughly checked for spelling and accuracy/relevancy. Even get someone else to read it before you send it.


Demonstrate your interest in the opportunity by keenly researching the company and the person you are speaking to prior to any telephone interview – every potential employer wants to know that you really want to work for them.



Ride more than one horse, even if you have a favourite. Employers are looking for proactive driven characters, only having one opportunity to consider can demonstrate you are lacking energy and drive.



Engage on social media with the company – follow them, share them, retweet them, pin them, like them, comment on their posts, be a stalker.


So, if you are in a graduate recruitment process at the moment we hope this has given you plenty of food for thought! Tune back in on Monday for tips #6 to #10 where we'll be talking more about being in the interview and how to get the job - the most important bit!



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