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Top 5 Pointless Gadgets

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Having a number of self-confessed ‘techies’ at NM Towers you may have noticed we often talk about the latest gadgets whether it be the new Mac Book or VR Technology. This got us thinking about the most useless technology and gadgets. Here’s our top 5.

5. Infrared Mobile Data Transfer Way back in 1994, when our Directors had just bought their first Nokia 2110 phones and were just learning the skills of texting, someone came up with ‘Infra-red’ data transfer. You lined up the infra-red beams on 2 phones and BAM – the data transferred! This only seemed to be available on phones with Bluetooth so we’re not sure if anyone used it…

4. Oral B Genius With Bluetooth seeming to be a real technology hit we were intrigued to see Procter & Gamble wanted to put their stamp on the market with this Bluetooth enhanced toothbrush. In fact, one of our Directors bought one!

Tracking your tooth brushing? Really not necessary. But P&G knowing when you need a new brush – maybe it’ll take off? 

3. i-Kettle – The Worlds First Wifi Kettle One of our personal favourites, the I-Kettle is certainly competing for most useless gadget in our top 5. It rouses you from a peaceful sleep asking you if you’d like the kettle putting on. It then lets you snooze and keeps your water hot. As a reviewer on Firebox said “A must have for the gadget lover. Beautifully designed, entirely useless”

2. Hapifork – Eat Slowly. Lose Weight. Feel Great. The Hapifork makes it in to the list. An amazing gadget that tracks the pace of your eating and helps you lose weight. Now we’re sure there is some clinical proof that eating slower helps us lose weight but unless it tracks doughnuts and Grande Hot Chocolates from Starbucks then it just might not be enough!

And finally… 1. The World Wide Web What a joke this idea was. The internet? It will never take off. Access to billions of pieces of information without a book? A place to listen to music and watch movies without a disc? Somewhere to study without a teacher? Apply for a job without an envelope? We aren’t holding our breath.

We expect to see more pointless gadgets to come out of the digital age, especially with apps and devices being compatible with so many products (we're quite looking forward to the wacky ideas to come from these!). Image credits: wikipedia, businessinsider, kingsbridge, vosizneias blogspot


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