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Total Warrior Contenders – But Will We Finish?

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The folk at Network Marketing have entered a team for this year's ‘Total Warrior’ challenge in late June at Bramham Park. We have a couple of sporty types in the office who keep themselves pretty fit and everyone else has promised to do some decent training. Having done the event last year, I know just how much fun it is, but it is 13km over varied terrain and lots of tricky obstacles so you do need to be relatively fit. The closer the event gets, the more the team start talking about how long it’s likely to take us to complete. So when we spotted this article about a lady running the increasingly popular Spen 20 mile run, it got us a little worried! She was withdrawn from the race after a mile and a half as she was running ‘too slowly’! We didn’t know this was possible. A couple of us in the office who run fairly regularly with local running club, Hyde Park Harriers, would likely have suffered the same fate as this lady. We’ve got four resident runners – Jonathan Robinson would have been absolutely fine as he is the speedy one in the team clocking regular 7.40 minute miles, Emma Thomson runs at a nice easy 10 minute mile pace and TeeJay Jones and Ange Hough cruise along comfortably at 12 minute miles. There is an awful lot being done to encourage people to get into sport, specifically the #thisgirlcan campaign and the @parkrun movement so this story leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth, especially for those of us within the running community on 12min/mile!

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We’re seriously hoping that there is no such time limit at Total Warrior this year, the team will be sure to put a bit more into training in the next few months! Image Credits: Mashable, Total Warrior


Without doubt the most lively member of the team, our Zimbabwean superstar has built a hell of a reputation in the manufacturing sector with a raft of clients that come back to her again and again. Her clients tell us that "she's great fun to work with" but we knew that already. What we don't know is quite how she fits everything in to her busy life. She'll have at least one big charity event on at any one time which will involve something ridiculously energetic!