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Trading Pixels For Print - A Trip Down Memory Lane

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We love all things creative at The Book (as you probably already know) and after some digging through our books from Uni we’ve found some which rekindled that creative excitement. Despite how much we love the digital age – sometimes you have to trade pixels for print to appreciate great design work. Here are some of our favourites.

Watching Words Move, Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar

This little book of words, as well as sharing similar colours to our brand, is filled with great visual plays on words. Literally. Ivan and Tom put together a whole range of everyday words in simplistic typography displaying them in such a way that they literally become what they say. Watching Words Move challenges you as the reader to think in a more visual and engaging way. We love it!

Information is Beautiful, David McCandless

This particular project is different to most others. David McCandless, who calls himself a “data-journalist and information designer” created Information is Beautiful which consists of 250 pages of what it says on the tin – beautifully random infographics each with their individual theme and design. Who would think to put the human genome into such intricately designed infographics! Well done Dave!

Designed, Peter Saville

A graduate of MMU like myself, we’re keeping this choice Northern! Saville has worked on some of the most recognisable Manchester brands; Factory and The Hacienda to name a few (impressively enough he designed the artwork for these whilst still in Uni!). This book assembles an impressive selection of his work throughout the years, with clients ranging from Manchester Records and Roxy Music to New Order and Joy Division. Definitely one to be picked up by Mancs and music lovers everywhere.

Print and Pattern 2, Bowie Style (Marie Perkins)

This is one of the most useful books for us Surface Pattern Designers that I’ve ever come across. It contains exciting patterns showing complex repeats, delicate illustration and playful typography . I discovered this whilst studying Surface Pattern Design at University and it was an insight into both technique, trend and style. Marie Perkins is a great designer providing excellent books as well as running a successful blog. All in all this particular paper back is filled with tonnes of inspiring designs which can be used as inspiration for surface pattern and print projects or even graphic design work.

Contemporary Graphic Design, Charlotte and Peter Fiell

You want eye catching graphic design that hits its message home, then get this book! Contemporary Graphic Design is a collaborative effort displaying a range of work from design agencies and designers around the world; Why Not Associates and their fantastic use of type and text for clients such as Nike and The Arts Council, Spin and their work for More Four and of course designs from M/M (Paris) for clients like Calvin Klein and Vogue. This is a sit down and indulge book for graphic designers with a passion for their industry and those who are just starting out in their career.

Bonus Book (Well kind of...)

I'd recommend that any designer picks up a pack of these Pantone cards complete with each colours individual code!



Hayley really found her niche in life when she joined our creative sister company, The Book. From a classically creative background in surface pattern design she's brought that to a business where understanding your clients is key. Our Staffordshire girl is a regular on the Manchester social scene with Charly, also in the Manchester office, although she equally enjoys her holidays to the peace and tranquillity of Malta