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TV advertising in the legal world – changes are afoot

Here at Network Marketing we like to keep an eye on the hottest adverts on TV.

We spend plenty of time watching what the latest big brand retailers, food and drink giants, and technology titans have on offer, but it isn’t too often that we spot an advert for a legal firm that is worth writing home about.

That changed recently as Irwin Mitchell, one of the best known consumer legal firms in the country, launched their new personal injury TV advert.

For an industry perhaps not often seen at the peak of innovative television advertising, the campaign follows clients whose accidents have seen them suffer significant personal injuries. Throughout the ad there is a clear goal to emphasise a long lasting and trusting relationship between firm and client that isn’t always typical of the industry, and the impersonal “no win no fee” that is seen as the stereotypical norm.

Head of Group Communications, Mark Duffell, has expanded “The commercial depicts people who have overcome various types of injury, to ensure the authenticity which Irwin Mitchell says is crucial to ensuring on-going trust between its expert lawyers and its clients.”

It’s a service that we’re hoping we never have to use, but we have to say we’re impressed with the human touch, and creative confidence to try something new.

Daytime tv can be littered with adverts for legal firms that follow the same template, perhaps this is part of a new trend of more innovative legal advertising?

You’re likely to see it on telly if you’re staying in tonight, however if you’re interested why not take a look?


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