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Wedding Crashers

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With the royal wedding approaching next month we are slowly seeing more and more brands jumping on the ‘wedding-wagon’, attempting to cash in on the huge national event and the extra bank holiday!   I particularly love the campaign Diageo is planning for their Pimms brand.  Take a look at this article for the inside story but rumour has it that the guys with the marketing jobs at Diageo are in talks with UK retailers over stocking their Pimms-branded bunting, to encourage the spread of Pimms-love across the thousands of street parties that are expected to take place on April 29th, positioning themselves as the ideal drink for the occasion! It highlights the issue of what huge potential a national event can bring to brands and companies to boost their sales. Attracting a completely different market to Diageo, BT are devising a campaign linking their fictional characters ‘Adam & Jane’ to the Royal Wedding by encouraging viewers of their adverts to help plan the fictional couple’s own wedding. Then attracting the kids market, Mr Men have created a new character, Little Miss Princess, inspired by Kate Middleton, selling a colouring and sticker book for the occasion. It’s a ‘watch this space’ moment to what crazy promotional ideas are dreamt up to cash in on the exposure that such events can offer. Whether or not all of the marketing attempts work is another matter, but I’ll certainly be stocking up on my Pimms for the party! Blogged By Helena - Agency team at Network Marketing


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