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What Do People Think When They Hear 'Recruiter'?

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Whilst this is an industry we love, not many people outside of it really know exactly what recruitment is. It's rare you hear a child wishing to become a recruiter when they grow up... People often 'fall' into recruitment and then become incredibly successful because of the project based nature of the role. So - what are those stereotypes that people associate with recruiters? Who does the Recruiter think he/she is? You're confident you'll find the best people for your client and get every candidate their dream job. You love life and enjoy the job, and might even be a bit cheeky...


What your parents think you do: How many parents actually have a clue what their grown up off spring do? For recruiters we're always on the phone to candidates, especially in the evening and on the weekend when we've nipped over for Sunday lunch!


What your friends think you do: Socialise. Socialise. Socialise. Forever on the move it’s no surprise your friends think you’re slacking off everyday. Surely there’s only so many coffees you can have in a day and black tie awards in a week!


What clients think you do: Make a phone call, fly in a CV and then sit on a pile of cash? Of course the ones we work closely with know that's not the case and that we actually put a shed-load of work and commitment in to getting them the very best people.

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What candidates think you do: No matter what job they’re looking for or what job you’ve got on, candidates can think you can magic them into the position. And of course it's not quite that easy - but we'll absolutely do our best!!!


What you actually do: At the end of the recruitment day (which is often very late!) recruitment consultants are there to help however they can. Any recruiter worth their salt will want to help candidates get the best role available and work with clients in a genuine partnership. It's all about relationships and a lot of coffee!

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Got any stereotypes you'd like to share? Be nice! Image credits: Giphy


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