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When Great Staff Go Rogue!

Nadine Dorris, the politician for Mid-Bedfordshire said last week that she regularly shares the password for her work PC with colleagues and even interns in her constituency office. Apparently her office staff need access to her email account, social media and internet to help her do what she does as a politician.

She has been generally lambasted by other politicians and IT security 'experts' telling her that she must surely be mad sharing such information and the outcome will inevitably be disastrous. Well, maybe they are right, or maybe we just need to be realistic about risk.

You see, business cannot protect itself from every IT security eventuality. It is very difficult to stop someone in your team stealing data or acting improperly if they want to. On a very basic level, at pretty much any time they could just take photos on their mobile phone of a screen shot. They could email themselves extracted files, create new files, or even just physically write stuff down. The opportunities are endless. And none of them are rocket science, or IT science for that matter!

It is also quite dangerous to create such a culture of mistrust in any business. How do you say politely to someone in your team, "I don't trust you" and hope to have strong, long term relationship?

But what's the answer? Whilst not straight forward keeping security tight for those outside your organisation is the first barrier. Use a specialist IT security expert and they should cover you. Internally put reasonable measures in place like protecting downloading of files etc. Where social media accounts are concerned make sure you have a robust policy for what you post, tone of voice and how you post it. Give people training on it - don't just expect them to know.

But perhaps there is no definitive answer. Perhaps good staff do go rogue very occasionally. Perhaps they weren't ever good staff - you just thought they were. Those that you thought you had a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship with can change and you will never know when that happens until it's too late. Don't beat yourself up over it, trusting people is the right way to live life, be proud of it.


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