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Yeo Valley Advert – You spent HOW MUCH on media??

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Here at Network Marketing Towers we all agree we love the latest (and only one we can remember...) Yeo (pronounced Yo apparently) Valley advert that aired in the first commercial break during the first X-Factor Live Final on Saturday. It’s created by BBH in London who created another one of our favourite ads of the world cup – Beauty and The Beasts.

If you missed the advert on Saturday night we've got it here for you


As far as marketing goes we think it's great.

However, other than during Coronation Street on Christmas Day have they dominated the most expensive ad break of the year? A 2 minute advert didn’t leave much time out of the 3 minute break to get the kettle on, top up the red wine or even serve desert! So how much are they prepared to spend to compete with the likes of IKEA who I believe were on in the 2nd break for most of it with the following retro advertising campaign "Always find me in the kitchen at parties" by Ian Dury and the Blockheads I believe. Anyone out there in the big media world care to hazard a guess as to how much they spent on that one ad?  We'd be interested to hear! Jonathan Hirst







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