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The 5th emergency service for your business

Could a freelancer or contractor be right for your business?

We see freelancers and contractors as the emergency services of the marketing, creative and technical industry. From short term, immediate requirements to project specific, strategic work that needs a fresh pair of eyes and another pair of hands, freelancers could be your solution.

Our experienced freelancers and contractors understand that they’re booked in to do a job and that they have to hit the ground running. They will come with the experience you need and we’ll have done all the checks to make sure, as much as practical, that they will deliver for you.

Bringing in a freelancer should be hassle free so we provide online timesheets via our Freelancer Portal and then arrange payment to them on a weekly basis. You then receive an invoice from us that has taken care of their remuneration and all other statutory payments including our fee.

And if your business falls into the remit of IR35 then we are used to the challenges the new legislation poses to our clients!

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