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3 of Our Favourite Rebrands

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A good rebrand can totally transform a business. It was a rebrand which saved famous motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson from bankruptcy 20 years ago. Similarly, Microsoft rebranded after decades with the same logo due to mounting pressure from growing tech companies. Here’s a few of our favourites from over the years.


In a lot of instances, simply removing the company name can be enough of a change dependant on the popularity of your brand. Shell started back in 1900 with a logo which was, as you’d expect, pretty much a rough sketch of a shell. They eventually added the splash of red and yellow we know today in the late 1940’s and with only small iterations over the years, not much has changed since. The strength of the brand, its global reach and general popularity means removing the brand name hasn’t been an issue for the oil giant.


Google was all over social media when they rebranded back in 2015. There was a right hoohah! The famous logo which was replaced however wasn’t their first. Despite its popularity they’ve had quite a number of rebrands over the years. Now a household name and even becoming a verb, we're sure everyone has adjusted to the new rounded lettering on their search pages. Let’s just hope the colours never change!

Network Marketing (that’s us!)

It’d be remiss not to include ourselves as we've just been through our biggest rebrand since 2007. And a lot has changed in 9 years. Through a brand discovery process we feel we have found ourselves again. And doesn't it feel (and look) good?

These are obviously just a small collection of many rebrands from over the years and brands are changing all the time. Is there a brand in particular due a fresh face? We’re guessing it’s not long for before another brand spices things up in the marketing industry.

Image credits: kovick.com, google.blogspot.com


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