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A Brand Refresh for Santa - Santa is a Concept, not an Idea...

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One of the most clever and probably time consuming content we have seen on the web this festive season is the Brand refresh For Santa. Now as all of those brand managers and agency peeps know, a good set of brand guidelines is critical to the management of any brand asset. Well, what could be more 'valuable' as a brand than Santa at Christmas. The slightest mispel, wrong use of typography, or slip of the tongue could ruin Christmas for billions of children throughout the world. So thank goodness the Quietroom came up with a robust and well thought out set of guidelines to support any prospective marketing or communication material production. So - without further ado - here it is - please take note if you are considering using the Santa brand during the next couple of weeks! The Santa Brand Book We love the quote - "A brand is a sack of belief on a sleigh". Enjoy. Happy Christmas.


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