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Halloween Campaign's Raising Brands From The Dead

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Consumers Beware - The haunting prospect of sugar enthused children, beating down your door in search of their latest fix isn't the only thing to fear this Halloween. In a day and age where every holiday, evokes the opportunity for new innovative marketing campaigns, brands are continually trying to spook us into a purchase. From vexing viral videos to down right nasty new product launches, here are my top 5 creepy creative creatures of Halloween marketing.

5. Ford - Spooky Car Wash Ford haunted inquisitive test drivers who were innocently trialing their potential new vehicle. Things took a sinister twist when they were asked to enter a car wash where all manner of menace occurred. The viral stunt gained Ford over 1.7m YouTube Views. Tommy’s Verdict - 0 to spooky in 3 seconds

4. Burger King - Halloween Whopper Burger King launched this …. Appetising looking BBQ infused black bun in conjunction with their partnership with Al’s BBQ sauce. At a spine-chilling price of £4.29, this grueling attention grabber has hit the headlines with consumers revoltingly curious on how this wicked whopper will taste. Time will tell how successful this campaign will be, but one things for sure, its certainly monstrously memorable. Tommy’s Verdict - Dawn of the Bread

3. Starbucks - Pumpkin Spiced Latte Keeping on the frightful theme of taste, Starbucks have been launching their pumpkin spiced Latte’s corresponding to the Halloween season for 11 years. So fear not, aside from being an artistic decorative representation of Halloween, you can now drink this worryingly orange seasonal fruit. Its yearly release exemplifies its continual success, but its still not my cup of tea. Tommy’s Verdict - Keep it cappuccino

2. Oreo - Paranormal Snacktivity Oreo… Where do we begin with one of my favourite dunkables? Apart from being terrifyingly tasty, they also have a very creative marketing team behind them. This was showcased in fearful fashion throughout the Paranormal Snacktivity campaign of Halloween 2014 where they released a number of shuddersome social media videos using Oreo’s as the lead protagonist in appetising but spine chilling spins on some cult Halloween classics. Tommy’s Verdict - Twist it, Lick it, Dunk it, Fear it 

1. ASOS - Trick or Tweet ASOS launched their Trick or Tweet campaign the day before Halloween 2014. It takes Tommy’s top spot due to its petrifying utilisation of social media and erringly effective engagement of consumers. It offered prizes to customers who participated on Twitter and caused a flurry of users flooding to twitter for their treats. Not only did it raise ASOS’s seasonal presence, but it preoccupied the local fashionistas, and prevented them knocking on my house dressed as “Wheres Wally” and taking my last Kit-Kat. Tommy’s Verdict - The ASOS Twitter Massacre 

So there's my favourite Halloween campaigns, have any to add? Comment and let us know! Image credits: greatideas, youtube, tumblr, huffingtonpost, asos  


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