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Repositioning Coke Is Like Turning a Tanker

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The worlds 4th biggest brand has revamped their global advertising strategy. Coca-Cola are listening to consumer sentiment and are heavily promoting their reduced sugar brands, Coke Zero and Coke Life, with new the tagline ‘Taste The Feeling’. With a brand that is generally known for sugary or chemically enhanced products that are widely reported to be “not very good for you”, can a brand like Coke reposition itself that easily? Of course, if you’ve got deep pockets in ad-world it’s much easier to build momentum around a campaign like this. And it’s no secret Coca-Cola has. With global ad spend at £3.5bn a year that kind of money goes a long way. But they need to change tack to appeal to the more health conscious consumers and Coke Zero and Coke Life brands might just be their way to do it.

However, Coca-Cola isn’t the only big corporation that wants to rejuvenate their brand. McDonald’s have recently announced their ambition to introduce table service into 400 of their UK restaurants. Table service at a McD’s? Whatever next? Following a 5% increase in global sales during the final quarter of 2015, the fast food chain renowned for their affordability are aiming to double the number of their restaurant. They’ll do this by offering gourmet burgers with a push to completely reset their brand, becoming a “modern and progressive” burger chain. But will they ever compete with the increasingly popular burger bars like Byron and Gourmet that are taking over the high street?

Established brands will always have a challenge to turn around ‘tanker-like’ proportions however with enough ad spend and the right concept, they’re unlikely to fail.


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